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The Current Potential

To awaken to and become Aware as the Truth of our Being.

To embody this Truth as the loving Presence we already are.

To ever refine the balance of these two as they become one in Innocence.


In Denali, there has come alive a teaching, a message, an understanding, an embodiment, a transmission of the innocence of the world, the innocence of humanity, the innocence of all things.
He is devoted to revealing this underlying truth and freeing humanity from the cycle of judgment, guilt and forgiveness.
Denali brings you directly to the realization of the perfect innocence that you already are and gently guides you into the embodiment of this realization. His insight into the human condition and devotion to revealing what is true is a loving gift for all on the path of awakening.

This human journey through time and space requires us to know what we are and who we are. We are pristine Awareness who abides as loving Presence. Perfect balance of these is pure Innocence.
— Denali