Meditation Studio


The Studio

In 2018 we erected a studio specifically for meditation. The studio was meticulously placed to be centered on a powerful earth energy portal. The energy streaming through this unique location is conducive to stilling the mind, receiving spiritual insight, and multi-dimensional experience.

Studio Pic.JPG

The Location

There are Ley lines in the Earth that carry unique energies just as there are in our bodies. Especially in mountain ranges do we find powerful energies running through the Earth that we can symbiotically partner with for a certain purpose. This is the case here. In the nearby Rocky Mountains, running through North America, there is a chakra system of which the Heart Chakra is located near Boulder CO close to the continental divide. What arises there in the mountains is the distinct Masculine and Feminine energies which follow Ley lines intersecting at this Meditation Studio.


The Energy

The crossing of the powerful Masculine and Feminine Ley lines create a portal that is balanced and stable, linking the Earth to the Sun. The Earth is the mother of our physical bodies and the Sun is the Father of them. As these energies flow through our body by being in the proximity of this portal the Divine is more easily accessed. The mind quickly goes silent and we begin to become aware of our multi-dimensional experience that is not so limited by time and space. Many possibilities open up that are not burdened by humanities collective consciousness, which include spiritual insight, understanding and knowing; physical mental and emotional healing/balancing.

The Studio is available for meditation - contact us to reserve a time.