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Innocence is really more of a coordination than a place or a thing. At this coordinate you will find a balance that equally acknowledges and embraces what is as the God Self you are, being revealed as your own radiant Being. Read here

One of the biggest stumbling blocks we have here as a human being is this idea that we have to gain perfection, that we have to become more and more perfect. There is an aspect of us that this is impossible. It never changes. It doesn't evolve. Evolution, refinement happens within it. The basic building blocks of what you and I are; It is the same.  Read here

The sensation of just being here can be utter stillness, complete ease, and very alive. When the force of Love starts to pour through us, move through our vehicle, it is not personal Love. When it is divine, when it is flowing without any idea or agenda, when it is not being directed, it is a total mystery. Read here

If you would hold the Truth up to another,
Love them instead.  Read Here

The Great Intention and Devotion
That which we are and that which moves through us are the same and inseparable. That which we sense and perceive and that which are sensing and perceiving are one and the same. Ultimately we cannot conceptualize or … Read Here