"Zen says that if you drop your knowledge - and everything is included, your name, your identity, everything you know, because these have been given to you by others - if you drop all that has been given to you by others, you will have a totally different quality to your being - Innocence.  This will be a crucifixion of the persona, the identity, and there will be a resurrection of your Innocence; you will become like a child again, reborn."  - OSHO        

"Throw off the yoke of belief, for to arrive at the nobility of truth you must be cleansed of all borrowed knowledge till you are as innocent as the day before you were born."   -Adyashanti                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children (innocent), you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.  Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven."- Jesus

"Innocence isn't the opposite of guilt. It's what is found when the illusion of guilt is removed.  What we always were before we knew how to judge,"  - Denali    

"The last step will be taken in innocence or it won't be taken at all.     (the last step into full awake embodiment of truth)"   - Adyashanti 

"It was Innocence that took the first movement to create duality when the poles of masculine and feminine were created. When Love and Wisdom pretended to be separate so all of existence could live in their love affair and it will be innocence that delivers you back to that pristine awareness and loving presence."   - Denali   

"We were asked to take who we were and what we knew and incarnate among the nations of the 20th century. Our mission was to retain our innocence while interfacing with every known form of human organization."    (On being asked by Creator to Incarnate on Earth to assist in the great awakening)  -  Ken Carey                                                    
"Now is the time to come out of hiding and let your voice be heard by confessing your true nature as the glory of divine innocence in human form"  - Matt Kahn             

All of these quotes are just beings in human form speaking from their personal experience; not speculating or repeating a teaching;  attempting to articulate personal experience that is so delicate and precious, but that that cannot be shaken or moved in any way. They are the authority on what they are sharing and where they are speaking from and pointing to because it is their experience. It is theirs and the effort to speak it, write it, share it, and transmit it is an invitation to return to this innocence; to knowingly become what you have forgotten as the essence of your true divine nature.

If this is where we all started and where we are returning to doesn't it seem like possibly the most practical action to take would be to tune into this innocence and its divine qualities and attributes. To become curious and playful again while applying the experience and wisdom gained along this beautiful journey. What else is there?