The Great Intention and Devotion

That which we are and that which moves through us are the same and inseparable. That which we sense and perceive and that which are sensing and perceiving are one and the same. Ultimately we cannot conceptualize or imagine what, who, where or when we really are. At the deepest levels we cannot even experience our own Self. Experience requires time and space and what and who we are is prior to time and space.

As Human Beings we can choose to be present and cooperative with what IS. We can invite the Truth to reveal itself without limitation in the mind and heart of our Being. When limitations are dropped there is just the experience of this moment flowering for itself, pollinating itself, living and breathing itself, creating and dissolving itself, back into it’s Self. This is it. When your process spits you out, you’ll just be here now. Limitations don’t cease to exist, they are just seen for what they are and appreciated for their usefulness. What is being offered now is what you have been searching for. We experience this with our Innocence.

We are here to remind you of your innate curiosity and playfulness in relationship to life. To reveal the Innocent nature of your Being as the very essence of your Awareness and Presence. To facilitate the embodiment of this Innocence that is innately wise and naturally loving in its expression. To actualize the already present and already aware nature of your individualized Being into wise and loving expression of its Divine Source that is infallible in its qualities and attributes of the One you are a precious expression of.

To assist in assuring the finality of what and who you are as pristine awareness and loving presence gaining a face, finding full expression of individual personality in unique Being and in that same moment fulfilling the ascent of your unique personality as a universal immortal Being, moving with grace in expression of the Divine qualities and attributes of its Source.

It is our great honor to witness in your Being this great moment of personalizing and universalizing Innocence in its journey through Infinity and Eternity into its full expression as designed and intended in the moment of its creation as your personality. To this endeavor are we here today and is this lifetime devoted.

~ Angee & Denali