Appreciation & Gratitude

The following are comments and feedback from individuals that have attended Alchemy of Innocence meetings or retreats either in person or through live broadcast wanting to share their personal experience in order that others might begin the journey back to Innocence:

"The experience here has been multi-level. The Alchemy of it is a constant deepening into the quiet presence of Self.   A wellspring of Life; and all that appears in this stillness is the uncovering of Innocence.  Here in this meeting with this Being I nourished myself and began to unravel that which is not important in exchange for that which just IS.  The Alchemy of Innocence is  "Love in Motion". It's balancing and its qualities are Divine in Nature. "                                                        - Jade Rivera, Boulder CO

"After just one meeting everything changed for me and I am living in a new world and have left the old behind. The Love that  has opened up in me is beautiful beyond my capacity to describe it and I have no clue how to share it."                                                                                                                                                               - Joy Diviney, Longview TX

“Being in the meditation group is beyond words. The expansive energy that emanates from Denali manifests an ease to meditation and a centering with Presence. The discussion is always powerful and more energetic than logical. It is a gift to be with Denali who is selfless in his embodiment of a path to balancing Love and Truth into being Innocence. I have never felt judged, yet certainly am gently confronted with who I am. Even the thoughts that venture through my mind recognize the Being-ness and the gracious service that takes place. It is an inspiration that permeates daily life seamlessly, and opens an awareness that is beyond the experiencer. It is my privilege to be in the Presence for over a year, and I consider it to be a pathless voyage to the edge of life itself, with one foot in and one foot out of a sacred void.“       - Gurattan, Nederland CO

“Denali is a most skillful articulator of that which is not able to be articulated.  I am profoundly struck by the depth of transmission of silence that occurs every time I am with him.  And, frequently questioners will be led to experience the answer to the question asked instead of being told.  Angela complements  seamlessly with the energy of Divine Mother; my heart overflows in response.  WOW.  What a potent pair to spend time with!”                                                                        - Lyna Norberg, Boulder CO