What is Alchemy of Innocence?

What you are is pristine everlasting Awareness. Who you are is loving shining Presence.

Many see and experience awakening as a process. The experience and knowing here, and with those who have joined me, is that both are always ever present and instantaneously available.

Between and through pristine Awareness and loving Presence we find our existence. This is where our Humanity as Personality finds itself and lives.
The mastering of our attention and balancing of our self here and now as pristine Awareness and loving Presence is a never ending joyful spiral inwards and outwards. Finding this Balance is our return to Innocence.

While in the presence of  One who embodies this Innocence it is simple to notice and directly experience ones own innocent nature and essence. This essence can then effervescently re-mind and re-acquaint each cell of the Body, Mind, and Spirit to spontaneously remember What and Who you are while returning to a simply balanced life of Innocence. This is Alchemy that results in Mastery. This is why we are here.

The information shared here, in meetings, and Denali’s time is given freely. Any donation you might feel compelled to give from your heart will be used in a manner to further these teachings and make them more widely available. Thank you so very much for being of service in this way.

"Innocence is the perfectly balanced unity of pristine Awareness and loving Presence existing as your Being."       
-  Denali

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